About the Journal

The Superior Law Review (S L R) is a high quality international refereed research journal, which is published on annual bases. It calls for papers in different areas relevant to Law. This journal is for all students, faculty and professionals and is introduced to develop the writing, research, and analytical skills of law. The research papers will focus on basic research strategy and how to find and use primary and secondary legal sources. The objective of the research in law is to have a strong research-oriented ethos in law colleges/institutions to enable law students to undertake both theoretical and practical research in all fields of law and legal studies. The research is extremely useful, for law students and professionals.

SLR is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality articles of significant legal interest and commercial relevance with the mission of providing high-quality legal content to academicians, law professionals and students.

SLR contributes to the normative literature, providing conceptual and practical insights underpinned by innovative findings that add to the body of knowledge. SLR publishes research findings from internationally distinguished experts. Scholarly examinations of the latest theory and practice from the foremost research institutions are augmented by contributions from legal fraternity that reports on specific enterprise case experiences which ultimately, promotes the learning of others by comparing and contrasting societal settings. This blended contribution of theoretical and practical outcomes results in an extensive communication of commercial findings and audience understanding of current, applied and rigorous information.

Aim and Scope

SLR publishes on annual bases which is an open-access journal published by “The Superior University  Pakistan” in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan. SLR aims to be a leading source of scholarly articles and research papers through the promotion of research publications.

Common License and archived for future generations. SLR is devoted to the study of Law. It attempts to publish quality research focusing on multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary empirical research related to the full range of cognate disciplines. SLR is committed to making a positive impact through research endeavors containing substantial and original contributions on the latest emerging topics focusing on Asian markets in the following emerging areas:

Emerging Areas

  • Human Rights Law
  • Privacy and cyber security laws 
  • Health Laws
  • International Economic Law
  • Child Protection laws
  • Energy Laws
  • Women Protection Laws
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Environmental Laws