Biodiversity Management and Sustainable Development Goals: An International Perspective on Environmental Laws and Challenges


  • Mazhar Hussain
  • Shaukat Hussain
  • Syed Ghulam Asghar Rizvi


Environmental Laws, Maritime Laws, Climate Change, Pollution, Biodiversity Loss & Management, Social rehabilitation, Sustainable development goals


This research examines the intricate relationship between global environmental regulations, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development objectives. This study explores the difficulties and possibilities related to biodiversity protection and sustainable development, including the reasons for biodiversity loss, governmental policies, and business tactics, via an extensive examination of the literature and qualitative research technique. It also emphasizes how crucial fresh scientific discoveries and technological advancements are to attaining these objectives and raising public and legislator cognizance. In addition to the advantages of biodiversity management, the study suggests additional research trajectories for related studies in the future. They include the contribution of biodiversity to social rehabilitation. It also acts as a call to action for all parties involved to adopt better strategies and tactics for protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable growth. Consequently, this work contributes crucially and promptly to the contemporary international debate on the conservation of biodiversity and the need for more sustainable development approaches. A more sustainable and just world for future generations demands governments, scholars, companies, civil society groups, and people to read this manuscript. The issue is the core need for time to accomplish social errands effectively. The researchers anticipate this work would be highly productive for the social rehabilitation ensuring SDGs.